Order Process, Artwork, and Proofing

Order Process

Here’s how to order screen printed apparel:
• Come up with a design for your desired apparel – we can help.
• Let us know the desired apparel (tees, crews, hoods, sweats..) (See the link below for some Apparel Options)
• Tell us about your preference for apparel color
• Have a pretty good idea on the number of items you want
• Include all the above information in a message
• We will send you a quote and work with you to finalize the details

Apparel Options:
Here’s how to order custom promotional products: Call us or send us a message – it’s just easier.

In order for us to reproduce your artwork, we must start with the most crisp, clean art possible. Usually this means an electronic file in either an Illustrator or Corel vector format. (We LOVE getting those file formats!)

Although we can generally handle a number of file formats, the easiest route is for you to send over what you have so that we can take a look. There are a few file formats we can’t do a thing with other than starting over.