Why We Use Water-Based Inks

Water Based Ink

The majority of screen printing companies use plastisol inks (a petroleum based product) because the inks are easy to use, are long-lasting and because it’s expensive to switch ink systems. Unfortunately, plastisol inks can contain heavy metals, PVC and phthalates that harm the environment and have been associated with many illnesses including cancer, mental disorders, and infertility. Along with that, the cleaning process for plastisol inks calls for the use of petroleum based chemicals and solvents.

Water based ink ingredients are non-toxic, lead-free and do not contain any heavy metals. As such, they are also safe for use on many apparel items including infant clothing, underwear and swimsuits. They contain no ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFC’s and HCFC’s, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. And best of all, water based inks are biodegradable and wash up easily and safely with earth friendly cleaners and tap water.


Conventional cotton is one of the most widely manufactured fibers today. Conventional cotton is grown with toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers which can remain on the fibers even when they are
manufactured into wearable apparel and these chemicals have been scientically proven to negatively affect health. While it’s still difficult to completely eliminate conventional cotton in our every day lives, the demand for organic cotton and other fibers is on the rise and is a readily available choice for your screen printing orders.

Hemp, Bamboo, Plastic:

Other environmentally friendly apparel alternatives are hemp, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. Hemp is known as a viable clothing fiber due to its durability, versatility, sustainable growing abilities, and long fibers. Bamboo is technically a grass, and is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It doesn’t need help from pesticides or insecticides, and it usually grows on rain water alone. Recycled water bottles and shopping bags have been reused in tote bags, as fleece apparel and in combination with cotton for fabrics.